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Simple Life Things is about making life simply beautiful by making moments special. It's about creating warmth and beauty around the table. We revel in enjoying delicious food served in an atmosphere of casual elegance. 

Simple Life Things offers exquisite fare — a plentiful mix of market fresh seasonal produce, local and imported cheeses, charcuterie, nutritious dips, handmade breads, rustic crackers — all presented on eco-friendly serveware with Southern Californian-inflected flair. We arrange all sizes, from convenient individual boxes to elaborate grazing platters and boards. We're always thrilled to tailor products and experiences for all kinds of gatherings.

Our approach to entertaining embraces the space between planned yet serendipitous, and composed but relaxed. It's a philosophy that's reflected in our distinctive, bold aesthetic and our unabashed love of sharing, conviviality, and community.  

We also curate a selection of unique home and culinary items, and organize in-person or virtual workshops for you to create and explore the lifestyle everyday.

We believe that the best flavors, colors, and nutrition come from food that is made with respect for our planet and people, and selected and handled with the utmost care.

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